PVA Delta 3

  • Delta 3 - Automatski sistemi


Selective Coating System

The Delta 3 Selective Coating System is a highly accurate and efficient alternative to traditional manual application techniques. Utilizing PVA's breadth of application methods you can easily configure an automated solution for any coating chemistry. The Delta 3 is designed as an inline solution featuring PVA's robust closed-loop gantry system in three or four-axis configuration.

The Delta has many options and integrated features including:

  • Multi-head configuration with up to three valves for superior process flexibility
  • Edge carrying chain conveyor
  • Solvent and purge cups allowing automated tip maintenance for moisture sensitive chemistries
  • Point and click programming with offline image import


  • Work area: 1 valve / tool: 521 x 485 x 100 mm
  • XYZ Repeatability: ±25 microns
  • Resolution: 5 microns
  • Maximum acceleration 0,5g
  • Footprint: 813 x 990 x 1572
  • Programming software: PathMaster software with offline image import and programming capability