Totech Vacuum Machines

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An ideal solution for both electronics and laboratory environments, Totech range is designed to vacuum pack a wide variety of products, including sensitive devices requiring extremely gentle handling.

Why choose a Totech Vacuum machine?

  • Highly effective vacuum packing solution for bags of all size and thickness
  • All surfaces, gaskets and plastic materials are based on conducting materials in accordance with the ESD standard NE 61340-5-1, safeguarding our technologies for industrial usage
  • Two parallel welding seams ensure that the vacuum bag is reliably closed – every time
  • Advanced Gas Flush Device enables secure handling of sensitive devices
  • Welding system can also be supported by compressed air to enhance performance in relation to thick vacuum bags
  • Easy-to-operate with seven configurable programs allowing users to save time by storing settings for individual product groups 
  • A wide range of options and accessories enable custom-fit vacuum solutions

You can find more information about Totech vacuum machines in brochure.