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XSD Series 

The XSD Series is produced from the highest quality of German designed and built components, and they are assembled and tested in The Netherlands. The XSD provides the most advanced storage and drying process available including uniform heat up to 60°C and ultra low RH > 0.5%. while consuming a tiny fraction of the energy used by conventional methods. An integrated air-flow control system in combination with a high accuracy sensor and powerful new dry unit delivers reliable temperature and humidity control and very fast recovery time. A touch screen interface provides enhanced operator control and ongoing process optimization. 

You can find more information about XSD Series in a brochure.


HSD Series 

The newly re-engineered HSD (Hyper) Series comprises 6 different models built around our unique "Dynamic Dry Unit." This dry unit provides closed loop regeneration of desiccant by responding to actual load on the cabinet, its contents and the frequency of door openings. The HSD delivers high accuracy humidity control to RH < 0.5%, traceable to a computer or over a network and are also designed and built in Germany and assembled and tested in The Netherlands. 

You can find more information about HSD Series in a brochure.

MSD Series

A cabinet that grows with your demand, the MSD series is the first modular dry cabinet that can be expanded as your storage and drying needs increase. Incorporating our extremely powerful, Dynamic Dry Unit, the basic MSD can be expanded to 6000 liters without the need for additional dry units. Regeneration times are reduced due to the closed loop control of the dry unit which automatically responds to atmosphere and frequency door openings, whil delivering precise humidity control to <0.5% RH with traceability to a computer or network.

MSD 1222-52

New generation of MSD cabinet. The cabinets of this series are adjusted and improved on several points.  The MSD cabinets are completely ESD save. The construction of the cabinets and the doors have been made stronger and more stable. The door sealings are additionally improved to prevent any kind of air leaks threw the doors. The doors have new, stronger locks that lockes the doors more firmly. The top of the front is tilted so the display can be read easier. All wiring is integrated in the construction so it is well protected against damage. The sliding rails of the shelves have been improved. The shelves can now be drawn almost for 100%. As a result stored items can be retrieved much easier. The storage space can be expended with MSD 1223 type cabinets. Made in Germany product.

MSD 1223

New generation of MSD cabinet. To expand the amount of storage space of the MSD 1222-52, the MSD 1223 can be integrated with the MSD 1222-52. The wiring of the cabinet can be connected with the wiring of the MSD 1222-52. The cabinet is equipt with switches that trigger an alarm if the doors are left open or opened to long which causes the rH level to increase above the maximum value. Made in Germany product.

You can find more information about MSD Series in a brochure.

SD Series

The SD series offers a variety of 10 different models to choose from. All SD cabinets deliver high value and incorporate economic desorption technology that conforms to IPC/JEDEC MSD storage specifications of <5% RH. 

You can find more information about SD Series in a brochure.

SDA Series

The acrylic SDA range is made for transparent drying or storage of components and can be configured with a choice of desiccant dry unit or N2 delivery system.

You can find more information about SDA Series in a brochure.

SDR (Dry Room) Series

Cabinets in the SDR (Dry Room) Series are specially built to customer specifications. Different dry units are available, depending on the demands of the application. The new U-7000 rotation dry unit makes it possible to dry huge volumes of air. Very short regeneration times, low RH% <0.5% and precise measurement make this a very attractive alternative for special processing requirements. 

You can find more information about SDR Series in a brochure.

Dry Tower

Dry tower is modular and can be individually configured for different size and storage requirements. All relevant data for processing components is saved into a data base, from incoming through to the retrieval of the component for production..The storage system can be connected through standard interfaces with different inventory control systems ( WMS ). Automated input and output at a central point reduces personnel time. Incoming components are determined by image size recognition as reels or trays and automatically fed into the system. The system calculates the smallest storage position the component requires and places it there. As an example you can store up to 15000 7” reels. By a permanent storage of ≤5% RH all MSL components can be stored safely and kept dry without oxidation. The floorlife of the components can be stopped and reset to zero by using a separate heated section of up to 60 oC. Three tipes of system are available : Dry tower Solo, Dry tower Slim and Dry tower Quattro.