Autotronik BA389F3

  • BA389F3 - Autotronik


The SMT Pick & Place Machines of AUTOTRONIK series were especially designed for small and medium volume batch sizes. Various models are provided for different applications.

BA389 is using KFTA series feeder same as the feeder used for our AUTOTRONIK BA388, BA392 and BA385 series Pick & Place Machines. By this means most reliability and easy maintenance for all models is guaranteed. Preloaded Ball Screws with Servo Motor system provides high Speed, Repeatability and Stability.

Additionally, the "Vision on the Fly" alignment heads in BA389 are using Cognex® Vision System, providing high accuracy and easy learning for all different kind of components.


  • Number of Heads (Vision on the Fly): 3
  • Placement rate (under the optimum condition): 10,500 cph (IPC 9850)
  • Feeder capacity (8 mm) without conveyor: up to 160 Tape Feeders
  • Feeder capacity (8 mm) with conveyor: up to 96 Tape Feeders
  • IC Tray capacity: up to 3 Waffle Trays
  • Component Sense: Vision detection
  • Component Size:

Handled by head camera: - Smallest: 0.6 x 0.3mm

                                                                   - Largest: 16 x 14 mm

Handled by fixed Bottom Vision Camera: - Smallest: 0.4 x 0.2 mm (option)

                  - Largest: 150 x 100 mm (option)

  • Placement Area: Max. 320x270 mm (standard option)
  • Placement area without conveyor:
    • Max. 650 x 460 mm without Waffle Trays
    • Max. 650 x 400 mm with 1 Waffle Tray
    • Max. 650 x 250 mm with 2-3 Waffle Trays
  • Placement area with conveyor:
    • Max. 650 x 440 mm without Waffle Trays
    • Max. 650 x 380 mm with 1 Waffle Tray
    • Max. 650 x 230 mm with 2-3 Waffle Trays