INSIGNUM 2000 Laser

  • 2000 Laser - INSIGNUM Laser
  • 2000 Laser - INSIGNUM Laser
  • 2000 Laser - INSIGNUM Laser


The INSIGNUM 2000 Laser is an inline and offline Marking System for direct marking of solder resist on PCBs.
The laser assembly is installed in a fixed position above the transport system. The PCB to be marked is taken over onto the transport system and moved to the marking position.
Due to a special mirror configuration in the galvo-head (3 axis system), it is possible to have a marking area of up to 350 × 350 mm without using any mechanically driven axes. 


  • Marking of multi-up panels
  • Large marking area
  • Short cycle times
  • Low maintenance


  • Camera coupling via deflection unit
  • Integrated flip-station
  • Loader and unloader controlled by the INSIGNUM 2000 Laser
  • Manual loading via feed conveyor
  • Side clamp
  • Fibre laser
  • Exhaust system