LPKF ProtoLaser U4

  • ProtoLaser U4 - LPKF


The LPKF ProtoLaser U4 with integrated UV laser is capable of processing a wide variety of materials. The high pulse energy of the UV laser leads to a residue­free ablation process, resulting in geometrically precise contours. The laser wavelength used makes the UV laser a truly multifunctional tool. A UV laser beam can cut individual boards out of large boards with high precision and no stress, drill holes and microvias, and create openings in solder masks. It can cut and structure LTCCs, fired ceramics, ITO/TCO substrates, delicate prepregs, and laminated materials like FR4­ or RF­specific substrates. The processing of various materials is supported by the CircuitPro Advanced software. An extensive materials library supplies the laser parameters for key materials. Because the ProtoLaser U4 works without material contact, tooling costs are a thing of the past. Micro material processing thus benefits from the fine laser beam diameter, the extremely precise focusing along the Z­axis, and the exact control of the processing positions.

  • Laser Source: UV
  • Laser wavelength: 355 nm
  • Max. laser power: 5.7 W
  • Laser pulse frequency: 25 – 300 kHz

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