LPKF ProtoLaser R4

  • ProtoLaser R4 - LPKF

The LPKF ProtoLaser R4 with picosecond-short laser pulses allows the high-precision structuring of sensitive substrates, as well as the cutting of hardened or fired substrates. The shorter the processing pulse, the lower the heat input into the adjacent material. With the picosecond laser, there is practically no heat transfer, the material vaporises directly. This thermal effect is important for the cutting and surface processing of temperature-sensitive materials.

The laser offers very high pulse energy for cutting, for example, ceramic materials without discoloring them in the processing procedure. Due to the low heat input, no micro-cracks occur in the material. The ProtoLaser R4 is also the perfect system for surface processing – such as ablating transparent thin films or removing metal layers from plastic foils. It achieves the targeted very stable laser input at low laser power. This allows standard FR4 and laminated RF materials to be processed just as well.

  • Laser Source: IR Laser Pico Sec
  • Laser wavelength: 515 nm
  • Max. laser power: 8 W
  • Laser pulse frequency: 50 – 500 kHz

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