Balver Zinn micro-wire Brilliant B2012

  • micro-wire Brilliant B2012 - Balver Zinn


  • diameter range 0,15 to 0,2
  • flux content 2,2 %

Balver Zinn presents the μ-wire product family with diameters below 0,3mm! Balver Zinn μ-wire SN100C B2012 is a halide free, rosin based formulation and available in diameter 0.15 and 0.2mm. Balver Zinn μ-wire SN100C B2012 is based on the Brilliant B2012 flux technology and leaves clear residue and shinny solder joints. μ-wire SN100C B2012 gives fast and sustained wetting with low smoke and odour. The flux residues of μ-wire SN100C B2012 are non-corrosive and may remain on the board witout cleaning.

Balver Zinn μ-wire SN100C B2012 is a no-clean flux cored solder wire with a standard flux content of 2.2%.

Technical data sheet: