About us

Amtest is the leading regional supplier of materials and equipment for the production of electronic circuits, materials, and equipment for electronics and industrial cleaning, as well as pneumatic and electric tools.

Our speciality lays in the distribution of the newest technologies to the fast growing and challenging market of Southeastern Europe. We offer high quality products and services to our clients while guaranteeing profitable, productive and innovative solutions.

We also offer service and optimisation of the production, the distribution of spare parts as well as the technical support throughout the entire production process.

We became professionals for the entire SMT process and we took the leading position on the market because of the continued improvement of our business and the constant expansion of partnerships with suppliers worldwide. We ensure a stable development of the company with the regular education of our employees and the expansion of our product portfolio, as well as the entry of new technologies and other industries. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with market advantages in the future.