The main activity of AMTEST d.o.o. is the sale of materials and equipment for the manufacture of electronic assemblies, materials and equipment for industrial cleaning; service and technical support.

The trust of customers and partners in our work comes first. We promote a relationship based on quality and responsibility to help our customers and partners to be at most successful in their business.

The quality of the products and the high-level service we offer represents the fundamental value at which we build our competitiveness and continuously improve the efficiency and performance of our business organization.

In order to maintain the satisfaction of our customers and product users and attract interest from new ones, we undertake to:

  • permanently analyse existing and identify future needs and expectations of customers and users;
  • offer the market optimal solutions and a wide range of high-quality products from reputable manufacturers that meet the needs of users and all technical and legal regulations
  • ensure a identifiable and superior level of technical support, maintenance and servicing of equipment
  • look at, analyse and manage business risks and seek to identify opportunities for new steps;
  • plan and develop own human resources in all segments of the organisation, and motivate them with appropriate measures for quality work
  • continuously improve the effectiveness of the process and quality management system based on the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2015
  • set ambitious, measurable and achievable targets.

It is the duty and obligation of all employees to accept quality policy as a lasting principle in their own actions.