JBC Compact station

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Concentrated rework power
JBC offers two lines of soldering stations, each designed to work with a dedicated tool. A stand incorporated in the housing of the control unit offers a safe place to put down the handpiece. Each station has been designed for work with a designated tool. The integrated, intelligent sleep and hibernation features combine perfectly with the fastest temperature recovery system available in the market.

Process control
Set temperature limits, check usage counters, lock the station with a PIN, or program sleep and hibernation modes. Depending on your requirements you can save up to 5 different temperature settings; changing from one saved temperature setting to the next will always increase or decrease the temperature level to the next of all saved temperatures. The stations are operational regardless if saved temperature settings are activated or not.

Intelligent heat management
The only time a soldering iron must reach its required temperature level is during a soldering operation. JBC’s intelligent heat management detects how the tools are used; accordingly the integrated support function activates the sleep or hibernation mode. The intelligent heat management helps to extend tip life by lowering temperature; it also helps to save energy by reducing power usage to 10W in sleep mode and 4W in hibernation mode.
Help us to protect the environment and to save energy!

Quick tip changer
No tools or pads are needed to change a cartridge. Simply place the tip in the extractor of the stand, remove one cartridge and insert another one. Reduce idle time while increasing operator safety.