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CCL Design provides a variety of feeders for automatic feeding of components and labels made by Hover-Davis, which are known for its quality in the industry of components implementation on printed circuit boards all over the world. The advantages of working in this way are many:

  • Feeder work is faster and more accurate in comparison to manual placement
  • Elimination of human made errors
  • The ability to use a label in any shape/design
  • Prevents the waste of labels
  • Increases the efficiancy and output of the production line

CCL Design supplies feeders which enables automatic label implementation using the existing implementation machines with a low cost, the feeder matches the Yamaha , Juki, Samsung, Assembleon , Universal , Panasonic, Siemens, Fuji machines and more options are available.
Using this feeder automates the process of label implementation on the circuit boards and leads to significant financial savings in addition to lowering the human resources and the time needed for implementing the labels manually. Additional floor space is not required and room can be saved on the production floor. A higher accuracy level is also achieved and enables the label to be a component of the pick and place process, this feeder has proven its efficiency and its reliability in a large number of leading companies in the worldwide market.

With this feeder, you can implement different applications:

  • Automatic implementation of identification and barcode labels
  • Automatic implementation of masking labels for wave soldering
  • Automatic implementation of masking for conformal coating
  • Automatic implementation of labels for electric insulation

Automatic implementation of a double sided adhesive label that holds heavy components during the reflow process as a replacement for SMT adhesive

There are many more applications that include the automatic implementation of shaped labels for a P&P machine platform.