Roartis IQ-BOND 2612-T-FC

  • IQ-BOND 2612-T-FC - Thermally conductive adhesives

IQ-BOND 2612-T-FC is a dielectric, solvent-free, two-component, thermoset epoxy based adhesive, which provides thermal conductivity in a very short time, even at low curing temperatures. Actually, when curing the IQ-BOND 2612-T-FC at room temperature, good mechanical strength is already achieved within 4 - 6 minutes.
IQ-BOND 2612-T-FC is the accelerated cure version of IQ-BOND 2611-T-FC. It will cure even faster. As a consequence, the potlife after mixing is slightly shorter. It has been designed to have an easy mix-ratio of 1:1 by weight.
IQ-BOND 2612-T-FC is supplied as a two-component material, and has a long shelf life at room temperature, of 12 months. This bonds is very well to metals, PCB-circuits, glass, ceramics, as well as plastics. It is used for applications where a thermal conductive bond needs to be realized in a short time.
Typical applications include bonding thermocouples on solder joints and/or heatspreaders (heatsinks) onto powerdevices.
Also for fast-cure, structural bonding applications, where heat dissipation is an added value, this fast cure adhesive can be a solution. More specifically, it can be used for bonding radiator devices.
IQ-BOND 2612-T-FC is a solvent-free, 100% solids material, and is supplied as a high viscous and thyxotropic paste, assuring it will not flow during application.
It’s chemistry has been selected to be able to resist multiple consecutive solder-reflows, with peak temperature up to 260°C. For applications where the temperature is exposed for long periods at elevated temperature, the chemistry is able to withstand 125 °C – 150°C.
For cleaning uncured IQ-BOND 2612-T-FC, the use of IQ-CLEANER 9500 is recommended, although, also other organic cleaning solvents, such as IPA and/or aceton can be considered.

Product properties:

  • Appearance: White Paste
  • Chemistry: Epoxy
  • Mixing Ratio (by wght %): 100 parts A / 100 parts B
  • Thermal Conductivity: ~ 1,3 W/m.K
  • Viscosity Part A: 10.000 mPa.s (ROA-TP-01)
  • Viscosity Part A: 30.000 mPa.s (ROA-TP-01)
  • Viscosity Mix A+B: 20.000 mPa.s (ROA-TP-01)
  • Working Life: 2 - 3 minutes
  • Density: ~ 1,4
  • Adhesion Strength: > 15 MPa (measured after 24hrs at RT°C)
  • Green Strength: > 5 MPa (measured after 3 min at RT°C)
  • Cure Speed *:
    • 4 – 6 minutes @ 25°C
    • 1 minute @ 60°C