Hanwha SM485P

  • SM485P - Hanwha Precision Machinery

Multi-functional Hybrid Mounter that can place SMD components and odd-type/insert components. Supports special nozzles and heads that can handle various odd-type components and supports various feeders (Tape, Stick, Tray, Bowl, Radial, Axial, Bulk, etc.)


  • 1 Gantry x 4/Head
  • Placement speed: 12,000 CPH Chip/ 4,500 CPH Odd-type/Insert components (Optimum)
  • Placement accuracy: ±50㎛ Cpk≥1.0 (0603 Chip)
  • Components: 0603 ~ □22mm, H32mm (S-Fix), ~ □55mm, L150mmx25mm, H32mm (Fix Cam.)
  • PCB Size: Max.460 x 400 (Standard), Max.610 x 460 (Option)
  • Force control (Option): 0.5N~ 50N (Approx. 50g~5kg)