DIVISIO 2000 Ergo

  • 2000 Ergo - DIVISIO Sawing


The DIVISIO 2000 Ergo is a semi-automatic system for stressfree depaneling of PCBs. By positioning the routing axis either above or below the electrically driven rotary table, the system has the flexibility to represent a verified production process.
It can therefore be used without any restrictions as back-up for the inline production. The X- and the Y-axes are both equipped with highly dynamic linear motor technology, the Z-axis is servo-driven. Already existing product carrier adapters can easily be used with this machine.
The vacuum system is optimized with the help of the Tornado-Effect. The system offers a cost-efficient solution for customers who wish to depanel stress-free but who do not produce such a high volume to justify the acquisition of an inline machine.


  • X- and Y-axis with high-end linear motors
  • Z-axis servo-motor-driven
  • Rotary-table with two working areas
  • Touch screen monitor
  • HMI offers comfortable operation
  • Ionization unit
  • Automatic tool change with 2 routers per magazine
  • Complete tool management
    • Breakage control
    • Length verification
    • Diameter check
    • Life span monitoring
    • Dynamic utilization of full router bit


  • Routing module (from top / bottom) or sawing unit (from top)
  • Program creation with ASYCAM CAD import
  • Camera system
  • Vacuum exhaust system
  • Manual suction unit
  • Adapter technology
  • Upgrade of Automated Router bit change to 8 bits
  • Traceability function
  • Database Interface