LPKF ProtoLaser H4

  • ProtoLaser H4 - LPKF

The LPKF ProtoLaser H4 combines the advantages of mechanical drilling of thick substrates including multilayers with extremely fast, contactless, laser surface processing in one tabletop system. This compact and economical solution is based on the proven concept of the LPKF ProtoLaser and LPKF ProtoMat systems.

Plug & play, all-in-one, desktop entry level laser system, comes with built-in computer and software. Only power supply, compressed air and dust extraction need to be connected to process standard single and double-sided FR4 materials, some single-sided RF, PTFE or ceramic filled materials as well as certain flex substrates like Al on PET with 100 μm/50 μm line/space. Flexible materials and foils can be freely positioned and fixed precisely on a vacuum table. The vision alignment, material thickness measuring, six mechanical tool positions as well as numerous software-defined laser tools and a broad library of predefined materials enable the LPKF ProtoLaser H4 to be operated with almost no user intervention.


  • Laser Source: IR Laser
  • Laser wavelength: 1064 nm
  • Max. laser power: 16 W
  • Laser pulse frequency: 25 – 400
  • Milling spindle max speed: 60 000 RPM
  • Tool positions: 6

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