CAB Motorized Maestro 4S

  • Motorized  Maestro 4S - CAB


Stress-free separation of pre-scored PCBs

The Maestro 4S separates both large and small PCBs quickly, economically and without stress.
Cutting with only a single traverse of the pre-scored groove causes tensile and compressive stresses taht cam damage sensitive components near the groove. Even a second traverse of the groove accompanied by an adjustment of the blade distance substantially reduces the tensile and compressive stresses. This ignificantly improves the quality of the populated PCBs

The most important features:

  • The blade distance is entered on the operating panel and its adjustment is motor-powered
  • Up to nine programs can be stored
  • The materials used for PCBs are FR4 and aluminium
  • The continuously adjustable separation length is set with limit switches
  • The accumulated cutting performance is displayed for the purpose of scheduling šreventive maintenance of the blade