Indium PicoShot TM

  • PicoShot TM - Indium

Indium Corporation’s PicoShot™ Conditioner C-1 is a chemically benign bright blue-colored viscous gel material designed to allow the rapid purging and cleaning of jetting, dispense, and microdispense systems without the use of liquid solvents.

It has been formulated to be non-corrosive and non-reactive with these systems.


  • Distinctive blue color aids in visual purge endpoint detection
  • Rheology ensures fast removal of all solder powder particulates and reactive fl ux from fl ow path
  • Prevents inconsistent dispense volumes and clogging due to solder paste dry-out
  • Allows easy equipment cleaning and maintenance to ensure long dispensing valve and tip life
  • Compatible with Indium Corporation’s no-clean and solvent-clean dispensing and jetting solder paste and TACFlux® products

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