Systronic CL 300

  • CL 300 - Stencil & solder frames cleaning


  • Easy loading through mobile carrier, movable on the process chamber door
  • Cleaning by 4 rotating spraying-arms in a 95 l closed loop system
  • Rinsing in closed loop from 95 l storage tank (optional incl. regeneration)
  • Convection drying in a supply / exhaust air principle
  • Easy-to-use operating touch panel and one hand start button


Basic configuration:

  • Cleaning with four rotating spraying arms in a closed loop system
  • Rinsingwith four rotating spraying arms in a closed loop system
  • Convection air drying in a supply / exhaust principle
  • Filter unit for cleaning and rinsing process
  • Basic design with one carrier 560x620x395 mm



  • Tank heaters
  • LED signal tower light
  • Ground collection trey
  • Automatic filling- and dosing system for the tanks
  • Rinse water – conductivity measurement



  • Usage of 4 spraying arms are securing no shadowing inside the cleaning chamber
  • Process chamber size of 560x620x395 mm completely covered with spraying arms
  • Bigger measurements on request
  • Cleaning and rinsing with 95 ltr. liquid mixture in a closed loop cycle.
  • Depending on the usage of the complete amount of liquid the dirt will be filtered out continuously
  • High effective drying depending on an high air exchange (500m³/h)
  • Short process time (in an ideal case approx. 60min.)
  • System is completely built in stainless steel
  • DI-water refreshing optional
  • Very user and maintenance friendly design of the system
  • High quality parts only (Grundfos , ABB, Elektror, Siemens, Gemü, Endress&Hauser)


SYSTRONIC CL300 is made for cleaning of solder frames and solder wave pallets.

  • Capacity:
    -Single chamber: 8 - 10 solder frames
    -Chamber size: 500 x 500 x 600 mm
    -Usable chamber size: 470 x 485 x 600 mm
  • Chemistry:
    Alcaline maintenance cleaner / DI-water
  • Tank size:
    2 x 95 liter - a closed loop system
  • Process time:
    approx. 45 min.
  • Throughput:
    240 frames / day
  • Machine size:
    L 1.250 x  W 1.250 x H 1.880 mm
  • Machine weight:
    approx. 700 kg