SPEA 4080

  • 4080 - Flying Probe testeri
  • 4080 - Flying Probe testeri

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4080 Automatic Flying Probe Tester
The fastest flying probe tester in the world

The 4080 is a multi-functional, high-production Flying Probe Tester designed for testing electronic boards and devices. The tester sets a new benchmark for flying probe board testing, offering the highest probing and electrical measurement accuracy and speed on both sides of the device under test.

The 4080 ensures 100% net accessibility and zero-failure escape thanks to SPEA’s Multi-Domain Test Technology, which provides full test coverage for any test application.

This machine offers high productivity for manufacturers who need to deal with high-volume productions of electronic boards and devices. The measuring and forcing instrumentation on each flying head ensures signal integrity and high-accuracy measurement.

SPEA 4080 Top Features:

● The Best Throughput and Accuracy
● Ultra-Fast Double-sided Probing
● Micro-Probing Accuracy for the Smallest Targets
● Safe Probing with Ultra-Soft Touch Technology
● Configurable Multi-Tool Flying Heads

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