Electrolube CCRG - Conformal Coating Remover Gel

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CCRG thixotropic gel is for the removal of conformal coatings for rework or repair purposes. It has been specifically formulated to remove Electrolube's solvent resistant coatings: DCA, DCB, DCR, DCRT, DCE, WBP/S and PUC. The product does not contain methylene chloride.

CCRG will not generally damage metals; however, there may be some corrosion on ferrous metals if materials are soaked for prolonged periods. CCRG will attack several plastics and also remove component identification markings if prolonged exposure is permitted. Where possible, a compatibility test with sensitive plastics should be conducted prior to full-scale use. A removal solvent (RRS) is also supplied, should a liquid product be required. CCRG is highly flammable so care must be taken when using this material. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information

Key Properties:

  • Allows localised removal of components
  • For Removal of solvent resistant conformal coatings
  • Can be used in conjunction with RRS, Resin Removal Solvent for complete coating removal
  • Water rinsable
  • Does not contain methylene chloride
  • RoHS Compliant