Heller Industries Cure Ovens 1700/1800/1900 Series

  • 1700/1800/1900 Series - Protočno lemljenje
  • 1700/1800/1900 Series - Protočno lemljenje

Curing solutions from Heller offer Increased productivity, improved quality and reduced costs.

In-line automation of the epoxy cure process produces immediate, significant benefits of increasing productivity by eliminating the labor needed to load and unload batch ovens and improves process consistency, and therefore quality, by reducing the time and temperature variations caused by the frequent opening of batch oven doors.
Lift your process to new heights in productivity, with in-line continuous cure ovens from Heller.
Heller offers a family of customized ovens for a variety of curing needs. As a market leader, Heller has the versatility, flexibility, and engineering capabilities to develop custom solutions for your individual curing requirements. Heller's global customer base knows it can depend on our reliable equipment, continuous innovation, and responsive engineering.

1700/1800/1900 series

  • Top and Bottom IR Heating zones: 7 – 13 (depending on a model)
  • Heated tunnel length: 203 – 444,5 cm (depending on a model)
  • Conveyor speed: 100 – 600 mm/min
  • Min/Max Board width: 5 / 50,8 cm
  • Temperature range: 25 – 350 °C
  • Safety on exhaust – Exhaust monitoring sensor and startup delay until full exhaust flow is achieved.
  • Other variations available as options