Atlas Copco Couplings and nipples

  • Couplings and nipples - Atlas Copco
  • Couplings and nipples - Atlas Copco
  • Couplings and nipples - Atlas Copco


Whenever tools or pneumatic equipment need to be changed, or you need to make quick connections of hoses to an air outlet, our couplings are the quality choice. The bodies are made of hardened steel with a no-leakage design for long service life and heavy duty applications. They offer highest energy efficiency and productivity, and have good ergonomics due to their compact dimensions and low weight. Safety features according to EN 983 and ISO 4414.

Claw high flow couplings

Claw couplings are made from drop-forged, hardened steel, which can withstand rough treatment and ensures a long working life even under difficult conditions. Claw couplings are suitable for large grinders, other high flow demand tools and indoor as well outdoor use, even below freezing point.

Features & benefits

  • Large bore gives low air resistance and minimum pressure drop
  • Robust claws that will withstand rough handling without deformation
  • Special rubber packings that are resistant to oil and temperature changes.

ErgoQIC full flow couplings

The ErgoQIC is a full flow coupling with no restrictions inside the coupling. It is suitable for assembly tools, drills and small grinders. Upgrading any air system with ErgoQIC 08US will result in increased productivity and energy savings. The ErgoQIC 08US is interchangeable with ISO 6150 B (former US MIL std 1/4") couplings/nipples, such as Rectus 23/24, Hansen 22/3000, Foster 3003, Parker 30, Prevost IRC/ISC06 and Cejn 310.

Features & benefits

  • Full flow coupling gives lower pressure drop
  • Energy efficient, no air restrictions
  • Increased productivity due to correct flow and pressure at tool
  • Safety function, the air is vented from the hose when disconnected
  • Strong and durable for long working life
  • Minimum connection force, no pressure required to connect
  • Interchangeable with ISO 6150 B (former US MIL std 1/4")

QIC safety couplings

The QIC is a compact, easy-to-use safety coupling suitable for assembly tools and drills. The QIC 10SE coupling conforms with Eurostandard 7.6 (7.4) and is interchangeable with Atlas Copco ErgoQIC 08E, Cejn 320, Tema 1600, Rectus 25/26, Prevost ESC/ERC 07, Bosch 7.2, Camozzi 508/5180, Festo KD and Legris 25/26, among others.

Features & benefits

  • Safety features according to EN 983 / ISO 4414, no shooting nipples and 2-step disconnection
  • One-hand operation for fast tool change
  • Low connection force for easy use
  • High flow capacity and low pressure drop for high productivity

QIC standard couplings

The QIC standard coupling quick coupling is suitable for assembly tools, drills and small grinders. QIC 10 ASIA conforms with Asia standard 7.5 mm and has a wide range of connections available.

Features & benefits

  • High flow coupling
  • Strong and durable
  • One-hand operation
  • Main market: Asia,
  • Interchangeable with ErgoQIC 10 ASIA, Cejn 315, Rectus 13, Prevost ORG, Nitto Khoki 20/30/40.