DIVISIO 5000 Flexible

  • 5000 Flexible - DIVISIO Routing


The DIVISIO 5000 Flexible is top of its class in flexible, highspeed depaneling systems. The machine is only 1200 mm long and has a working area of 460 x 460 mm. The modular frame construction leaves enough room for installation of for example a carrier circulating system or an underfloor conveyor with integrated lift device.
The machine consists of 2 lanes which can be configured according to the customer's demands. The PCB panel enters the machine on lane 1 where it is routed and the routed PCBs are subsequently transferred via a gripper to lane 2. The handling gripper axis is made of carbon reinforced plastic, ensuring high stiffness and accuracy.


  • Positioning system with CFK- Axis
  • Linear motor and linear measurement system in X and Y axes
  • Ionisation unit
  • Multi-segment conveyor
  • Automatic tool break monitoring
  • Automatic router exchange
  • Tool length monitoring
  • Bit diameter control
  • Dynamic average utilization of flute length
  • Router life time monitoring
  • Automatic maintenance schedule


  • Automatic gripper finger changeover
  • Camera system
  • Fiducial measurement
  • Automatic cut inspection
  • Teach funktion for camera
  • Module camera correction
  • Automatic product changing
  • ASYCAM CAD data import
  • Vacuum
  • Customer-specific transport modules
  • Customer specific data interface
  • Global remote control