DIVISIO 3000 Compact

  • 3000 Compact - DIVISIO Routing


The depaneling process of the DIVISIO 3000 Compact is operated only in Y-direction. The DIVISIO 3000 Compact can be equipped with differing cutting modules. It should be noted here, that the PCB panel is processed in both cases from above:
  • Routing spindle
  • Sawing spindle
The sawing or routing spindle is mounted onto a Y- linear-axis system which cuts the panel in the Y-direction. The stopper will allows automatic processing of different sized PCBs. The PCB is transported through the machine on multi-segment conveyors.


  • Linear drive for the Y-axis
  • Z-axis servo-motor-driven
  • Ionization unit
  • Pneumatic stopper


Options 3000:

  • Camera system for automatic cut inspection
  • Quick exchange head (Routing / Sawing)
  • Pass / Fail interface
  • Traceability function
  • Sawing disc break monitoring

Options 3100:

  • Camera system for:
  • Fiducial recognition
  • Teach function
  • Camera correction
  • Fail-mark recognition
  • Code read
  • Programmable stopper