Hanwha SM482 Plus

  • SM482 Plus - Hanwha Precision Machinery

The SM482 Plus is a multi-functional placer which can be applied to components from 0603 microchips to 22mm IC components by applying the on-the-fly recognition technology patebted by Techwin. Also provides a polygon recognition algorithm for easy registration of components of complicated shapes.


  • 1 Gantry x 6 spindles/Head
  • Placement speed: 30,000 CPH (Optimum)
  • Placement accuracy: ±40㎛ Cpk≥1.0 (0402), 1 ㎛ Cpk≥1.0 (IC, Fix Camera)
  • Components: 0603 ~ □22mm, H12mm (Fly Cam.), ~ □55mm, L75mm, H15mm (Fix Cam. Opt.) 0402 (Option)
  • PCB Size: Max.460 x 400 (Standard), Max.740 x 460 (Option)