Autotronik LD812V

  • LD812V - Autotronik


The SMD placement machine LD812 has been specially designed for use in the LED PCBs medium and high production quantities . The machine supports the processing of printed circuit boards with a length of up to 1200 mm (optionally up to 1800 mm).

Controlled air surges at the pick-up nozzles ensure the release of the " sticky " LED components during placement . Using the auto- selection system can be controlled to alternate feeder for empty indents without interruption to produce . In addition, allow the feeder band connections to minimize production interruptions.

Heavy welded frame ensure precise placement even at high speeds . The multi- head support achieved placement rates up to 30,000 Componets / Hour.

The model is equipped with an optical centering system that allows image processing over a "bottom vision camera". Equipped with a dual conveyor system and intelligent software a high placement rate and efficiency in the pick -and-place process is guaranteed.


  • Number of Heads : 6
  • Placement rate (under the optimum condition): 30 000 cph 
  • Feeder capacity (8 mm): up to 16 Tape Feeders
  • Component Size: 1mm X 0.5mm to 20mm X 18mm
  • Board size without conveyor:
    • LD812V6: Max. 1200 x 320 mm
    • LD806V6: Max. 600 x 320 mm
  • Board size with conveyor:
    • LD812V6:  Max. 1200 x 300 mm
    • LD806V6: Max. 435 x 160 mm