SEHO Maxiwave 2300 C

  • Maxiwave 2300 C - Talasno lemljenje
  • Maxiwave 2300 C - Talasno lemljenje


SEHO MaxiWave 2300 C is an up-to-date full tunnel nitrogen wave soldering system which is featured with low investment and operation costs. Simultaneously the machine ensures perfect soldering results due to its innovative soldering area.
The unique design of SEHO’s full-tunnel systems provides a stable, low-oxygen soldering atmosphere without complicated mechanical parts. Through gas jets located in the soldering area, nitrogen enters and flows through the tunnel. This flow displaces the oxygen from the process chamber. The advantage of SEHO’s technology is confirmed by minimal nitrogen consumption and a low residual oxygen concentration which is achieved within shortest time. The MaxiWave 2300 C is featured with an integrated spray fluxing unit which is provided with an exhaust to avoid spray vapours within the process area.

Main advantages:

  • Low residual oxygen concentration with minimal nitrogen consumption
  • ATS spray fluxer for an exact and precise supply of flux
  • Highest process reliability due to homogeneous heating of the PCBs
  • Variable preheat area with IR radiators, quartz heaters or convection modules
  • Highest soldering quality due to modern solder nozzle geometries
  • Large process window due to sectorial soldering
  • Ideally suited for mixed production with quickly exchangeable solder pot
  • Exchangeable filters at the inlet and outlet of the machine for minimum maintenance
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Highest process reliability with closed loop functions
  • Low servicing required and easy to maintain