SEHO PowerRepair

  • PowerRepair - Selektivno lemljenje


The SEHO PowerRepair is designed for professional desoldering and soldering of through-hole components.  The system features the well-known wave soldering technology to enable desoldering and soldering of components with a high number of pins and multiple pin rows, such as connectors.

Even assemblies with high thermal mass, like multilayer boards or thick pins, can easily be processed with the PowerRepair, also when using lead-free solder alloy.

The system particularly is featured with short repair cycles and thus low thermal stress for both, the printed circuit board as well as the components.

Programmable parameters ensure a high repeatability and reproducible repair processes.

  • short repair cycles
  • reproducible process
  • precise positioning of assemblies
  • solder wave optionally inerted with nitrogen
  • flux application optionally
  • cleaning unit for through-holes
  • easy programming with touch display
  • for assemblies up to 600 x 600 mm