SEHO GoSelective LS

  • GoSelective LS - Selektivno lemljenje


Mximum Performance in Selective Soldering at Minimum Cost

The GoSelective offers the optimal solution when both matters, high soldering quality and flexibility for selective soldering of remaining THT components. It is designed and mad in Germany to the highest quality standards to provide a reliable and repeatable selective soldering process. The GoSelective offers an economical and flexible solution requiring minimal floor space.
In their basic configuration, the GoSelective and GoSelective LS are equipped to meet a wide range of production requirements.
To ensure a particular ergonomical work flow, the GoSelective LS is provided with a loading and unloading station for carriers. This also allows to assemble boards in one carrier while a second carrier is being processed in the machine to ensure shortest cycle times.
During the selective soldering process the assemblies remain stationary while the fluxing unit, preheater, and the soldering unit are mounted on a high precision xyz axis system and are programmed to travel to the points to be soldered.


  • High precision selective miniwave soldering system for stand-alone operation
  • Fiducial recognition for automatic position correction
  • easy and comfortable teaching process, online or offline
  • Precise axis system for exact positioning of the various working stations
  • Highest flexibility because of quick change solder nozzles
  • Automatic wave height control  and solder level control provide maximum process reliability
  • Nitrogen inertion of the solder waves ensures highest soldering quality and minimum maintenance
  • For assemblies up to 500 x 500 mm
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio