Asscon VP 800 Vacuum

  • VP 800 Vacuum - Lemljenje u parnoj fazi


ASSCON vapour-phase reflow soldering systems are state-of-the art. They are the innovative response to modern soldering challenges. The physical principles of the process allow fault-free soldering of the most complex SMT modules in lead-free soldering pastes in virtually any arrangement. ASSCON’s vacuum soldering process combines the advantages of the vapourphase with the vacuum process. Power components require a homogeneous metallic connection with the PCB to transfer the required current. Assemblies soldered in ASSCON’s vacuum process exhibit greatly improved solder joints relative to void formation. Particularly when using lead-free solders the wetting properties decrease and the solder joints exhibit an increased occurrence of voids and entrapments.

 Machine Conception

As the processing zone is separated from the vacuum module and cooling zone, it is possible to apply the soldering process in the VP 800 vacuum system to the standard achieved by current production lines in a compact environment. Here, the system especially stands out by virtue of its simple handling, enabling each user to solder high-quality modules fault-free.