Asscon VP 800

  • VP 800 - Lemljenje u parnoj fazi


The ASSCON VP800 system has been developed especially for laboratories and prototyping. Thanks to ist multi-chamber design, the system can also be used for implementing close-to-production process qualifications. Moreover, the system can be used for soldering very small series. As the processing zone, it is possible to apply the soldering process in the VP800 system to the standard achieved by current production lines in a compact environment. Here the system especially stands out of its simple handling, enabling each user to solder high-quality modules fault-free.

Typical Applications

  • Application in laboratories for qualification and testing of soldering processes
  • Creation of temperature profiles
  • Safe SMT soldering of individual modules
  • Close-to production process qualifications
  • Soldering of very small series
  • Quality control of soldering pastes and PCBs
  • Module repair – unsoldering and resoldering of components