Asscon VP 510

  • VP 510 - Lemljenje u parnoj fazi

The VP450 soldering system has been developed for use in the lab and special applications. It is particularly suitable for test soldering, for qualifying soldering processes, and for soldering sample assemblies. Thanks to its semi-automatic operation the system is also usable for individual constructions.

In combination with the patented ASSCON desoldering system, the appliance can furthermore be used for repairing assemblies.This small-scale soldering system provides all the advantages of modern vapour-phase soldering technology and enables correct soldering of complex SMD components with lead-free or lead-containing soldering pastes in virtually any arrangement. Components such as quad flat packages, ball grid arrays, flip chips, cooling elements, SMD SIMM bars or ceramic substrates are processed in top quality.

The advantages of the system are:

  • Non-oxidizing heating process in inert vapour zone without additional shielding gases

  • Reproducible process conditions

  • Infinitely variable temperature gradient

  • Energy-savings thanks to quick start function 

  • Electromechanically locked process space

  • No overheating of electronic assemblies

  • Suitable for lead-free operation without restrictions

  • Even heating of the assemblies without shadings

  • No time-intensive temperature profile creation

  • Automatic heat transfer medium identification 

  • Environment-friendly

  • Requires little space

  • Low total operating costs

  • User-friendly microprocessor control

  • No dependency on cooling water thanks to integrated recooling system

  • Suitable for unsoldering components with the ASSCON desoldering system