Asscon VP 2000

  • VP 2000 - Lemljenje u parnoj fazi
  • VP 2000 - Lemljenje u parnoj fazi


The innovative inline soldering system for mass producers operate according to oxygen free process designed by ASSCON. Preheating and soldering is performed under oxygen free conditions. Components such as QFPs, BGAs, Flip-Chip and hybrids are processed with high quality results.
The system is designed for inline operation in mass-production lines for bare board processing of assemblies. Electrically adjustable conveyors and center supports permit quick and easy integration into the flexible production environment.



  • High rate of throughput with in-line processing
  • Oxidations-free pre-heating and soldering process
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution over the whole assembly
  • Overheating the solder product is impossible
  • No shadowing or color selectivity
  • Reproducible process conditions
  • No time-absorbing generation of temperature profiles
  • Low production costs
  • Control and failure message system