Asscon VP 1000

  • VP 1000 - Lemljenje u parnoj fazi
  • VP 1000 - Lemljenje u parnoj fazi


The modern design of the machines and the physical laws of the process permit to defect-free soldering of the most complicated SMT assemblies even with lead-free solder pastes.
The machines are particular suited for users who process product with frequently changing assemblies in small and medium sized quantities. Universal workpiece carries make the system very flexible.




  • Economical soldering system for highest technological requirements
  • Oxidation-free pre-heat and soldering process
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution on the whole assembly
  • Overheating of the solder product is impossible
  • No shadowing or colour selectivity
  • Reproducible process conditions
  • No time-consuming for generation of temperature profiles
  • Low operating costs
  • Universally useable for series and individual operation