INSIGNUM 3000 Scan

  • 3000 Scan - INSIGNUM Scan
  • 3000 Scan - INSIGNUM Scan
  • 3000 Scan - INSIGNUM Scan


The Reading System, INSIGNUM 3000 Scan, consists of a stepper motor driven X/Y-axle-system with scanner or camera.
The product is transported on the conveyor and up against a stopper. The scanner moves into position dependent upon the product, and scans the barcode or the data-matrix code and transmits the information to the database or the network. After the scanning process, the product is transported to the following unit.  



  • PC controlled unit
  • Database and network connections
  • 2 independent X/Y-scanner axles
  • Product information is read in from the previous marking unit
  • Multiple scan positions per product are possible.
  • Automatic scanner positioning 


  • Electrical width adjustment
  • Automatic width adjustment
  • Scanning from above
  • Scanning from below
  • Scanning from above or below
  • Double track operation
  • Inspection mode
  • Good/bad sorting
  • X-Y stepper motor axes above
  • X-Y stepper motor axes below
  • Database connection