INSIGNUM 2000 Scan

  • 2000 Scan - INSIGNUM Scan
  • 2000 Scan - INSIGNUM Scan
  • 2000 Scan - INSIGNUM Scan


The INSIGNUM 2000 Scan is an inspection system which utilizes the "Adomo“ inspection technology. Unlike most inspection systems, the movement of the camera or the product does not rely on the more traditional axis based technology.
Instead, the Adomo technology is based on a stepper motor driven moving mirror. Within 100ms, the mirror deflects the camera‘s field of vision from one position to another on the board and with an accuracy of 1µm.
This system makes it possible to take extremely high resolution pictures in an area of up to 460mm x 460mm. The process is controlled via a microprocessor which not only enables exact positioning of the mirror but also controls the camera synchronisation. Depending on the application, the system can be equipped with cameras with resolutions of 0.5 – 4.0 Megapixel. 


  • ADOMO Camera System
  • Reading of markings with different heights
  • Dual-lane applications require only one camera system 


  • Electrical width adjustment
  • Automatic width adjustment
  • Double-sided scanning
  • Database connection
  • Traceability
  • Double track operation
  • Dual-lane and flexible dual-lane handling