VEGO Transport systems

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Unit with a sideways moving shuttle to connect laterally offset units in a production line - VEGO Dynamic STM 03

The PCB is transported from the previous unit onto the integrated conveyer. The conveyer travels sideways and transfers the PCB to the following unit.

Shuttle module within production lines - VEGO Dynamic STM 03D

The STM 03D Shuttle module is created to space out PCB's in SMD production lines within dual lane system. Incoming PCB's are taken over by the integrated conveyor segment, moved laterally and handed over to the next machine. The takeover and handover positions are freely programmable.

Walkthrough Telescope Gate within production lines - VEGO Dynamic TDM 06

The TDM 06 walkthrough telescope gate provides an intermediate passageway through a production line with no lasting effect on the production flow. The basis model consists of a telescopic conveyor with a horizontal moving conveyor mechanism. The PCB is taken over at the inlet and the horizontal conveyor extends to hand over the PCB to the downstream system. After handover, the conveyor retracts, thus opening the passageway again. This operating mode means that the passageway is only closed during PCB handover (NO- mode).
An optional conveyor with lift mechanism is also available which rises to bridge the gap to the upstream machine when the bridge conveyor is extended. In this configuration, the passageway is generally closed (NC-Mode) which allows the PCBs to pass directly through the machine and results in a considerable reduction in the cycle time.

Conveyor modules - VEGO Dynamic TRM 01-04

TRM transport modules are connecting modules for buffering and transfer of PCBs between process machines. The strong steel tube frame is particularly robust and consists of an integrated control cabinet and a table construction to support the conveyor. The PCB is taken over fron the upstream system and handed over to the downstream system. The transport of PCBs on the conveyors can be cycled or synchronous. All modules are also available in dual-lane and flexible dual-lane versions.