VEGO Flip and turn systems

  • Flip and turn systems - VEGO Dynamic


Flip and turn systems for turn the  PCB`s 180° in transport direction or turn around 90° to the left or to the right and handle over to the following transport system.

Transfer unit used to connect corners or crossings - VEGO Dynamic AEM 02

The AEM 02 is used for changing the direction in production lines. Subsequently, it can also be used to split or combine lines. The integrated rotating and linear drive means that the system provides you with great flexibility. The machine is based on a stable steel tubing system which can support up to 4 additional inlet/outlet conveyors. The assembly is taken over onto the inlet conveyor and depending on the selected operating mode, is either turned or transported in a straight line through the machine to the corresponding downstream system. 

180° inline flip station for PCB’s - VEGO Dynamic WS 01

The WS 01 is used to flip PCBs in production lines for backside assembly or marking. The PCB are halted with a stopper and the complete transport mechanism flips around 180° in the direction of transport. The PCB is subsequently handed over to the downstream machine.