Vision Engineering SX series

  • SX series - Stereo mikroskopi

Starting with the entry level SX25 Elite and including models SX45 Elite, SX80 and top of the range SX100,  SX series provides the ability to inspect components/specimens at low and high magnification in a single system, with the added flexibility of a wide range of options and system configurations.

Building on more than 60 years optical experience, Vision Engineering’s SX series binocular stereo microscopes deliver high quality, highly versatile stereo viewing, making an ideal choice for users who demand outstanding optics and affordability.


  • 10x – 45x (4.5:1 zoom ratio) stereo zoom magnification (180x max.) for SX25 Elite
  • 8x – 50x (6.3:1 zoom ratio) click-stop stereo zoom magnification (200x max.) for SX45 Elite
  • 8x – 64x (8:1 zoom ratio standard magnification range(256x max) for SX80
  • 8x – 80x (10:1 zoom ratio) standard magnification range (320x max) for SX100
  • High optical quality CMO stereo microscope, designed to be affordable
  • Precision optics deliver high resolution and flat field
  • Long-life true colour LED illumination
  • Long working distance and large depth of field
  • Click-stop zoom indexing
  • Modular system with optional extras for tailored configurations