Vision Engineering Mantis PIXO

  • PIXO - Stereo mikroskopi
  • PIXO - Stereo mikroskopi
  • PIXO - Stereo mikroskopi

Mantis is THE stereo microscope brand trusted by thousands of customers globally to deliver excellent high quality images for a wide range of magnification applications, in an easy to use ergonomic system.

Mantis PIXO is eyepiece-less optical stereo microscope with dynamic view optics, a choice of up to 3 fixed magnification objectives and built in digital camera to capture, review and share digital images.


Key features:

  • high quality optical stereo image
  • ergonomic working position
  • long working distance
  • integrated high-definition camera
  • video and image capture
  • on screen annotation
  • custom overlays
  • magnification 3x – 15x
  • 3 lens multi-view turret
  • dynamic 3D lighting
  • white/UV lighting option


Stabila Stand

Counter Sprung for ease of use, Stabila’s compact, stable design features a long range of focus travel, and an optional illuminated base.


Stabila stand with pilot stage

Pilot Stage - 100mm x 100mm travel stage with autolock to prevent unwanted movement.


Verso arm

Versatile ‘lift and lower’ Verso stand enables Mantis to be swung in and out of position when needed.


Verso arm with forearm

Verso arm with adds extra stand reach with pivot point, rotation 270°.


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