• T300 - In-Circuit testeri

T300 Automatic In-Circuit Tester
32x Ultra-High Parallelism Board Tester

SPEA T300 Board Tester is an unprecedented and unique architecture board test system that supports up to 32 parallel In-Circuit Test cores with an additional capability of 256 cores for Flashing and Functional Test. This enables the T300 Asynchronous Parallel Architecture to perform tests and Flash in parallel up to 32 PCBAs (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies).

SPEA T300 bed of nails tester includes SPEA’s unique ICT-Plus test techniques which allow the detection of many defects present in electronics that are not detectable with traditional ICT testing.

The unique and unprecedented SPEA T300 bed of nails tester has been designed precisely to test and program a large number of boards in parallel or a large number of sections of a single big board. This enables high throughput and consequently a very low cost of testing and programming.

SPEA T300 Top Features:

  • 32 boards can be tested (ICT Plus + FCT) in true parallel
  • 256 devices can be flashed in true parallel
  • Programmable as Single or Dual Test Site
  • Operatorless Testing
  • In-Circuit Tester connected to the digital ecosystem
  • Very-low cost of testing

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