SPEA 3030R

  • 3030R - In-Circuit testeri

3030R In-Circuit Tester
Zero footprint. High throughput

Reduce the footprint to zero with SPEA 3030R In-Circuit tester. Designed to be integrated into third-party systems or 19” cabinet, or used manually with a minimum footprint. 3030R saves industrial floor and provides a comprehensive range of test capabilities to your production equipment, with unprecedented throughput.

Accuracy and full fault coverage are guaranteed: 3030R belongs to the SPEA 3030 series, which means 16-bit instrumentation, configurability and scalability according to your needs, and multiple test techniques integrated into a single test station.

Finally, integration into third-party systems brings more than space reduction: common elements such as mechanics and framework are spared, and the cost of test is further reduced.

As it belongs to SPEA 3030 Series, 3030R provides top level performance and the highest measurement accuracy into a zero footprint case. Additionally, direct connection between 3030R and third-party system interfaces guarantees signal integrity, avoiding leakage and crosstalk.

SPEA 3030R Top Features:

  • Zero Footprint Design
  • Multi-Function Test Capabilities
  • Ready to be integrated in any production line

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