SPEA 3030M

  • 3030M - In-Circuit testeri

3030M In-Circuit Tester
High throughput. High scalability.

3030M is the multi-function, fully upgradable and customizable ICT tester, expressly designed to combine full test coverage and the lowest cost of test into a unique manual test equipment. Modular and configurable with a wide range of instrumentation and receivers, 3030M provides 4x throughput compared with standard testers.

Tester and receiver are fully integrated, both designed by SPEA to provide a reliable cost-effective turnkey test equipment. Board contacting is safe and precise: when the system is equipped with motorized receivers, it is possible to program the presser speed according to the UUT characteristics. The descent is always planar, and it is also possible to program different contacting levels, so to execute different tests on different areas of the UUT. Direct cable-less connection between system instrumentation and fixture guarantees signal integrity. Finally, there is no need for compressed air: 3030M is easy to be moved everywhere in the plant.

SPEA 3030M Top Features:

  • -75% test cost with True Parallel Test
  • Full test coverage
  • Fully customizable & upgradable
  • Equippable with power instrumentation
  • Automatic test program generation
  • Parallel programming of different-type ICs
  • Easy diagnostic of fixture’s pogo pins via mobile app

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