• 3030CE - In-Circuit testeri

3030CE In-Circuit Tester
High throughput. High coverage.

3030CE is the bed-of-nails tester designed to deliver a cost-effective manual test solution fully compatible with 3030 Inline testers. Fixture, presser and test program can be quickly and easily moved from 3030CE to 3030 Inline and vice versa, without mechanical adjustments. Modular and configurable, 3030CE provides 2x throughput compared with standard test solutions, thanks to its 2-Core Real Parallel Test. 3030CE delivers multiple test capabilities, guaranteeing 100% coverage in a unique, integrated, high-throughput, cost-effective system.

3030CE fixture, presser plate and test program are fully compatible with 3030IL tester, without requiring any mechanical adjustment. You can quickly move your production from manual to automatic testers and vice versa, depending on the production needs.

SPEA 3030CE Top Features:

  • True 2x Parallel Test
  • Fixture compatible with 3030IL
  • High-speed parametric ICT
  • Automatic application development
  • Multiple test functions
  • Easy diagnostic of fixture’s pogo pins via mobile app

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