SPEA 3030T

  • 3030T - Funkcionalni testeri

Functional End-of-Line Testers

SPEA’s functional & EOL testers offer a standard, modular structure to be configured for any specific test requirement, so to perform the final functional test, giving consistent, reliable, traceable test results.

We’ll be able to satisfy your product’s specific needs, adding the value of an over-40-year expertise in in-circuit, functional, end-of-line test of electronic boards, semiconductor devices, assembled modules.

SPEA combines the ability to exactly answer the specific requirements of the product under test, with a standard architecture born upon the Automatic Test Equipment design concepts.

Systems are composed by a wide range of SPEA instrumentation, with the possibility to integrate third-party instruments as well, benefiting of a single controller to manage the system functionalities. 3030T is the new compact tester expressly designed to provide a cost-effective high-coverage functional test of electronic boards and modules.

SPEA Functional End-of-Line Testers Top Features:

  • Cost-effective high-reliability functional test
  • Multifunction test capabilities for unmatched coverage
  • Wide configurability, full modularity
  • Compact & ergonomic design

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