SPEA 4085

  • 4085 - Flying Probe testeri
  • 4085 - Flying Probe testeri

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4085 Automatic Flying probe tester
The most compact automatic 8x flying probe tester in the world

4085 is the most performing and yet most compact automatic 8x flying probe tester on the market. Its top throughput – over 800,000 boards tested in a year – makes it suitable for high-volume production test. The high probe positioning accuracy and repeatability, respectively equal to 10μm and 5μm, enable to test high-density boards, with micro-pads and SMD 01005 components.

The unmatched testing capabilities of 4085 are enclosed in an extremely small machine, with a footprint of only 1.29m2

The wide range of test techniques available on 4085 automatic tester includes RF Test, also for 5G devices, and Optical Test, through high-resolution cameras with liquid lenses. Thus ensuring a full coverage and the detection of every defect on the units under test.

SPEA 4085 Top Features:

  • Compact design
  • RF Test for 5G technologies
  • Unparalleled throughput
  • Ultra-accurate positioning
  • No Damage Touch

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