SPEA 4060

  • 4060 - Flying Probe testeri
  • 4060 - Flying Probe testeri

4060 Automatic Flying Probe Tester
Test the largest boards

The 4060 is a multi-functional Flying Probe Tester designed for testing electronic boards and devices. This machine can test large boards up to 1000 x 610mm (39.4 x 24’’), any type of connector and boards with tall components mounted on them such as PCBs with transformers, heat sinks, connectors, front panels, polarized capacitors and other tall components up to 110mm.

4060 has four top-side and two bottom-side moving heads in order to test both sides of the board simultaneously, increasing throughput and test capabilities. In addition to electrical probes for electrical tests, the two bottom multi-probe flying heads can move high-speed power probes, support rods, hi-res cameras, multi-probes, laser & LED probes and electro scan probes, covering the most comprehensive test needs.

SPEA 4060 Top Features:

  • Dual side probing: full accessibility & parallel test
  • Large boards testing: 1000 x 610mm (39.4 x 24’’)
  • 20kg max board weight
  • Full test coverage

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