Indium DurafuseTM LT

  • DurafuseTM LT - Indium

Durafuse™ LT is a novel solder paste mixed-alloy system for low-temperature reflow processes which require high drop shock reliability.

Durafuse™ LT is made up of a low-melting In-containing alloy and higher-melting SAC alloy. The SnInAg alloy initiates joint fusion while the SAC alloy provides enhanced strength and durability.

Durafuse™ LT is ideal for high-reliability applications, which utilize thermally sensitive components.


  • Excellent drop shock reliability - comparable to SAC
  • Reflow below 210°C
  • Melting temperature above 180°C
  • Good mechanical shear strength up to 150–165°C
  • Good thermal and electrical conductivity

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