Indium 8.9

  • 8.9 - Indium


Indium8.9 is an air reflow, no-clean solder paste specifically formulated to accommodate the higher processing temperatures required by the Sn/Ag/Cu, Sn/Ag, and other alloy systems favored by the electronics industry to replace conventional Pb- bearing solders. Indium8.9 offers unprecedented stencil print transfer efficiency to work in the broadest range of processes. In addition, the high probe testability of Indium8.9 minimizes false failures in ICT.

Indium8.9 is known for its reflow temperatures, long profiles, elimination of head-in-pillow and probe-testability.


  • High transfer efficiency through small apertures (≤ 0,66AR)
  • excellent wetting to all common finishes at high and low peak reflow temperatures
  • Clear, probe testable flux residue
  • Eliminates head-in-pillow defects

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